BurgerWala Is Now Ready For Work On Screen

Burger Wala Said When He was Talking With TM News HD: I Am Ready Right Now For Films and Dramas.
You may have come across a picture of this burgerwala making rounds on social media, and rightly so.

View image on TwittAccording to Raza Mehdi, the lad Shah Fahad, who is apparently this attractive 18-year-old, who sells burgers in Ayoob Park in Rawalpindi contacted Mehdi and asked him to cast his magic and make him famous like the Chaiwala.

In an interview, Mehdi said that Fahad sent his picture which he tweeted and the “Burgerwala” had no clue it will become viral so quickly.
Meet Here Burger Wala and his Friend In This Video 

Burger Wala In Private Tv's Show Recording 


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