Popular Guitarist Aamir Zaki Passes Away At 49

Lahore (TM News HD): Aamir Zaki, the finest guitarist of Pakistan has passed away because of heart disappointment on Friday 

He was conceived in Saudi Arabia in 1968 and began playing the guitar at age 14. The famous artist Alamgir first found him when he was 16. 

Zaki was known to make his own guitars through his profession. Zaki visited widely with Alamgir, playing a self-assembled 'Flying V' guitar. Zaki additionally visited with Vital Signs, before being made a request to leave the band. He then propelled into a performance vocation. 

Aamir Zaki's introduction collection, Signature, was discharged in 1994 and it turned into a hit. He was granted a Soundcraft Gold Disk for the collection, which conveyed the user hit 'Mera Pyaar'. 

He will be recognized as one of the finest jazz, blues and rock'n'roll guitar players to have left Pakistan. 

He kicked the bucket at 49 years old and his memorial service will be hung on Saturday, June 3, 2017.


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