"Madam,we are fasting why not Electricity?" Actress Meera's tweet was viral

Lahore (TM News HD): Actress Meera that came days remain to enhance the news on account of his bizarre articulations and they don't relinquish any chance to censure about the energy of Mary's folks, performing artist Prime Minister again girl at the same time "terminating needles scrutinized Nawaz's assault has focused his book. 

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If ever Pakistan made headway against all odds, be it economy or security, it is & has been under one man .... Nawaz Sharif 🇵🇰

Something the last time Nawaz has discharged pictures reviewing the achievement of his ventures, Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, however performer Meera you like the opportunity to state it was and He intuited's Nawaz the tweet was because of a question put by the Prime Minister's little girl, "Madam, we are fasting. Why are not the lights? "

We are fasting, madam. Light kyun nhi arahi?    https://twitter.com/maryamnsharif/status/868866029405057024 


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